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New League of Legends champion, Nilah, abilities revealed

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League of Legends just saw the release of a new champion, Bel’Veth, but Riot Games isn’t one company to slow itself down. The world-famous MOBA is already getting a new character, and we already know her full kit and abilities.

League of Legends‘ newest champion is Nilah, The Joy Unbound, and she’s the game’s next melee marksman. She’s already available to try out on the Public Beta Environment, so study up on her abilities to get a head start.

Nilah’s passive is Joy Unending. When Nilah last hits a minion, she and the nearest ally champion gains 50% of the experience normally lost from sharing with nearby allies.

Additionally, when Nilah receives heals and shields from allied champions, Nilah also shares these buffs with nearby allies.

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