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Dendro Traveler’s skills and reaction abilities revealed by Genshin Impact leaker

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The Dendro Traveler is a highly anticipated new form of a free character that everybody has. With that being the case, their newly leaked abilities in Genshin Impact might interest some players.

Whether these leaks will be accurate to what players see in the final version remains to be seen, especially since a lot can change between then and now.Not only that, but some of these leaks are even prefaced with a [Questionable] tag, meaning that the leaker wants people to know that it isn't confirmed to be happening yet.

There isn't much concrete evidence regarding the Dendro Traveler's new abilities, so it's worth looking at the text leaks to find out more.Essentially, the Dendro Traveler has an ability that can be buffed if it interacts with Hydro, Electro, or Pyro.

While the leak does detail what each interaction does (i.e., Hydro increases the attack range), it doesn't provide any specific information regarding the exact units or numbers.There is also no confirmation if this ability can stack or if there can be multiple buffs at once.

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