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New Hogwarts Legacy cinematic will make you want to use Crucio on these dark wizards

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Hogwarts Legacy has debuted a new cinematic alongside screenshots of its character customization menu. Revealed during a tech presentation at this year's Autodesk Vision Series, the cutscene shows a gang of dark wizards trying to restrain a hippogriff, and in doing so, they straight up abuse the poor thing.

Luckily, our pair of Hogwarts protagonists are secretly watching the scene play out from a nearby cover, and they quickly hatch a plan to rescue the hippogriff and get payback on the jerk wizards.

The player character seems to know the hippogriff, so this is personal. Check it out: New cinematic from #HogwartsLegacy 3, 2022 The tech talk also showed off Hogwarts Legacy's character creator, and while we don't have footage of it in motion, we do have some screenshots.

The screenshots reveal a bunch of different options to make your wizard look exactly how you like, including face shape, skin color, and glasses.

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