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August 9 Wordle Answer 416

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Wordle is a simple-to-learn but difficult-to-master word puzzle game by the New York Times Games. This popular game pits players against one mystery five-letter word every day.Wordle went viral early in 2022, flooding many peoples' social media feeds with those little green and yellow boxes.

In spite of its smashing success, this free-to-play, browser-based game hasn't been played by everyone. So there may be some new players that are looking to learn the rules.August 8 Wordle Answer 415First, players must head to the correct site.

While it was originally developed by Josh Wardle of powerlanguage, Wordle was purchased by the New York Times in February 2022.

Although it is still free-to-play and doesn't require a login, that may change in the coming weeks as the NYTs will soon be adding the ability to track Wordle scores with a login.Once at the right site, players will need to choose a starting word.

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