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Neon White: All Gift Locations In Mission 2 - Killer Inside

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Beat mission one in Neon White? Congratulations are in order for making it through the introduction. But know that it truly was an introduction and nothing more.

The maps on mission two get more complicated. This dynamic allows the gifts to be hidden in more undetectable locations.Best FPS Games On Xbox Game PassA careful listener might hear a gift they cannot see on occasion.

More often, though, the special objective is hidden away at a distance and not likely to be approached conventionally. For those who want Neon White to have a perfect ending, grab some binoculars, turn up the sound, and prepare to do some exploring.The location of this gift is on one of the spires, specifically the first one encountered across from the starting location.

Don't worry, getting there doesn't require a virtually unknown but awesome technique, it's the same combination of grenade and double jumping.After clearing the fourth spire, White will have two Elevates and a Purify, all of which will be discarded to get the gift.

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