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My Hero Academia: All For One's Greatest Feat Is Now His Big Weakness

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Warning: contains spoilers for My Hero Academia's 356th chapter All for One's arsenal of quirks is one of the key reasons why he's such a dangerous villain, but that power and his desire to hold on to it may be what finally brings down My Hero Academia's big bad.

All for One takes his villain name from his original quirk, which enabled him to transfer quirks from one person to another, as well as implanting quirks in those without and removing them entirely.

He used this ability to build his own power in society, and upon meeting Dr. Garaki, became able to not just take quirks, but clone them as well.

In this way, All for One could keep a good ability and return it to its original owner, as he did with Garaki's slow-aging quirk, radically increasing his ability to steal and stockpile power.

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