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Ms. Marvel Shows There's A Serious Problem With Internet Reviews

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Anyone not previously familiarized withMs. Marvel and her comic book appearances is in for a shock if they decide glance past some internet reviews available before giving the new MCU series a worthy shot.

That is because, as of now, the show stands as a perfect symbol for the very strange landscape that surrounds movies, TV, and video games when it comes to reviews.While Ms.

Marvel is indeed being review bombed, the show is also being lauded with outstanding reception from many outlets. Reviews consistently call it a definitive 10 out of 10 which, although welcome for newcomer Kamala Khan, hardly helps in painting a clear picture for audiences of what the series is really is like.

At the time of writing and after the second episode’s release, Ms. Marvel holds an admirable 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes critics’ score (down from 97% last week).

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