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Mobile Games More Profitable For Activision Blizzard than PC and Consoles Combined

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While the gaming industry at large has certainly proliferated over the past decade or so, no other gaming niche has expanded quite as substantially as mobile gaming has.

With a remarkably low cost of entry and often equally remarkably aggressive microtransaction schemes, it lends itself to exceedingly high profit margins, especially in the case of Activision Blizzard.As most gamers will know, Activision Blizzard owns the Candy Crush IP, which is one of the most popular mobile games of all time.

Whether due to its simple subject matter or its engaging gameplay loop, Candy Crush has been a huge source of profit for the publisher, and the company's quarterly earnings report for Q2 2022 shows that it far outpaces its PC and console offerings.Activision Blizzard Law Firm Claims Unions Exploit 'Lazy' and 'Whiner' EmployeesActivision Blizzard acquired Candy Crush developer King in 2016, which is likely to have been one of its most profitable business decisions of all time.

According to the publisher's latest earnings report, its mobile games have generated $831 million in profit in Q2 2022 alone, which makes up 51% of its total earnings for that period.

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