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Guilty Gear Strive version 1.21 official notes: Bridget joins roster, PS5 input lag reduction, and more

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The Evo 2022 treated Guilty Gear Strive fans to not just their roadmap but also revealed the fan-favorite Bridget for the latest franchise entry.Just one day after the reveal, Arc System Works announced the arrival of patch 1.21, introducing a brand new character to the game, her new theme, and a ton of bug fixes.One of the biggest highlights of the performance fixes will be the significant reduction of the input lag in PlayStation 5, which was previously at 4.5 frames.

The patch might bring it closer to the input lag of the PS4 Pro, which currently has 2.39 frames of delay.Guilty Gear Strive fans looking for a detailed description of the patch can look up Ark System Works' official website.

For a brief overview, they can read on.Added Bridget as a playable character, and she will be available after purchasing the "GGST Season Pass 2" or "Bridget" DLC items:She will be the first DLC character of Season Pass 2, and Arc System Works has maintained that she will be pretty easy to pick up because of her longer attack range and excellent mobility.Bridget wields a yo-yo in Guilty Gear Strive, and she has been a favorite for franchise fans for quite some time now.

Her first debut was in Guilty Gear X2, and a poll was conducted in 2013 by the developers, where she was voted the most popular character in the series.So it was not surprising that she eventually made her way to the latest franchise entry.Q.

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