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Minecraft Should Introduce Rose Gold Equipment

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When copper was first introduced in Minecraft in its 1.17 version, the usefulness of the new resource was very limited.

While it provided an additional range of building blocks and a unique dynamic of colors due to oxygen exposure ranging from bronze to teal, there were only two other uses for copper: a lightning rod and a spyglass.

Since then, two new updates have been given to Minecraft with no further additions to copper despite player demand. Specifically, the Caves and Cliffs update expanded Minecraft's y-axis capacity and increased the frequency of ore generation, leaving players with lots of copper and little to do with it.But Mojang could actually pull off a «two birds, one stone» solution if it revisited the functionality of copper and combined it with the use of gold equipment.

Gold armor, tools, and weapons have some very slight edges over other alternatives, such as gold pickaxes and axes being faster than diamond by a fraction of a second and gold armor can help protect against Piglin hostility.

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