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Menacing solar storm set to get big solar wind boost; may strike Earth today

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After a brief period of quiet, Earth is going to be hit by the fifth solar storm of this month today, January 24. According to reports, this particular solar storm will be caused by coronal mass ejections (CME) that were released during last week's solar flare event.

However, things are going to get complicated due to nearby fast-moving solar winds which can energize and strengthen the CME particles and cause a more intense solar storm.

The concerns are whether this can affect communication and electronic machinery on the Earth or not.The report comes from popular space weather physicist Tamitha Skov who posted a 5-day space weather snapshot on her Twitter account.

She tweeted, “A glancing #solarstorm blow followed by fast wind. Views peak by Jan 24, with high-latitudes getting great views.

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