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Marvel's Spider-Man on PC Needs One Mod ASAP

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Marvel’s Spider-Man will be the the next PlayStation Studios title to release on PC, which is promising for a few key reasons.

The most obvious reason for excitement is the fact that the game will be available to a wider audience, though what many more are interested in is mods.

Just like with God of War’s modding community, some clever Marvel’s Spider-Man fans will likely create and share a number of entertaining mods.These mods could add more boss fights to Marvel’s Spider-Man, make other wall-crawlers like Spider-Gwen playable, or even introduce other Marvel Heroes to Insomniac’s open world.

However, the best mods of all could be those that provide access to new costumes. For years, fans have been making suit requests and asking Insomniac to add official versions of certain attires.

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