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Magic: The Gathering guide - 5 ways to "cheat" with Surprise Party

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One of the best parts of the “Un” sets inMagic: The Gathering is that you can occasionally find cards that not only allow you to cheat but also encourage you.

From Cheatyface to Entirely Normal Armchair, there are cards that you have to sneak into play to get the most out of them. Surprise Party is one of those, but it’s done in an entirely new and hilarious way.Surprise Party is a new card in Unfinity, and this Magic: The Gathering card rewards you for being crafty, cunning, and just a touch sneaky.

The more cunning you are than your opponent, the better. Before you cast this enchantment, you need to sneak as many printed Clown Robot tokens into play as possible.

The only catch is that they can't be touching each other, and the other player can't catch you.Then, when you cast a Surprise Party, you yell “Surprise!” and reveal your Clown Tokens.

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