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Lost Ark: All Shushire Hidden Story Locations

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If you like a good dose of lore in your RPGs, Lost Ark certainly delivers. The exhaustive main storyline continues through the continents as you explore and level up, while a host of side quests enrich this further.

But perhaps best of all are the little incidental tales you can find in the hidden stories across each area. Related: Lost Ark: All Arthetine Hidden Story Locations Shushire has the standard seven stories to uncover as you explore this frozen continent.

Two of them span more than one area, with one requiring you to work your way through most of a dungeon to complete it. But they all have generous time constraints.

To find any locations you may have missed, read our guide below. You’ll want to start this one at the Frostbreath Gorge Triport in Icewing Heights.

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