Live A Live: Near Future - Item Refinement Guide

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Once the Near Future chapter of Live A Live has gotten well underway, Akira can give items to Doc Tobei at the antique shop.

Doing so will refine them into different items, though the exact results can vary due to Tobei's eccentric methods. Nevertheless, refining items at the antique shop is the only way to get some of the best gear available to Akira and Taroimo.

Related: Live A Live: Beginner Tips & Tricks Since item refinement in the Near Future can feel like a roll of the dice, it helps to know what the possible outcomes for each item are.

Read on to plan your refinement! This article contains minor spoilers for Live A Live. When you give an item to Doc Tobei, he will bring it to his basement lab, tinker with it, then return.

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