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League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational Day 5 standings: G2 and RNG finish groups undefeated, Garen makes top debut

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The fifth day of League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2022 has come to an end. It was a really long ordeal as not only were the Group C matches concluded today, RNG had to replay its first three games to finish off Group B as well.However, the results were not as surprising since both G2 Esports and RNG ended the group stages flawlessly.

Apart from that, there was another surprise as Garen made his debut for the first time at MSI 2022 for the Istanbul Wildcats, though it ultimately ended in a loss.In any case, RNG, G2 Esports, PSG Talon and Evil Geniuses have qualified for the rumble stage with only two spots remaining.The standings for Group B and Group C have been provided in the tables below:In Group B, despite all forms of controversy, RNG remained strong and finished as the toppers.

In fact, the final three matches that were played today looked even more dominant from the League of Legends LPL 2022 Spring Split champions.PSG Talon somehow managed to finish second after Red Canids got slaughtered by Xiaohu and co in the final game.

The Istanbul Wildcats obviously had no chance since the TCL representatives got eliminated yesterday itself. The only feature of the match between RNG and Istanbul Wildcats was the Garen top, which looked decent at first, but ultimately stood no chance.In Group C, G2 Esports showcased immense dominance and a wide variety in champion pool as well.

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