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Lady Gaga Is The Perfect Harley Quinn, And That Worries Me

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Back in the olden days, when Lady Gaga joining the cast of Joker: Folie a Deux was just a rumour whispered in the wind, I wrote about why the casting was phenomenal.

Not only is Gaga a better actress than she’s given credit for and one of the greatest and most theatrical singers of her generation, her casting underlines that many of the first movie’s fans completely misunderstood its messaging, seeing it as a unironic call to action for the downtrodden.

I won’t repeat myself here then (though I will tell you to click that juicy ol’ link), but instead, explore what this confirmation means for both Lady Gaga and Harley Quinn.

Technically, Gaga’s role is as-yet unconfirmed, but we can confidently say it is Harley or a Harley-esque figure. Despite the movie’s title, Arthur Fleck is not the traditional Joker, so I wouldn’t go in expecting Harleen Quinzel, former psychologist charmed and manipulated by Joker into becoming his lover.

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