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Kirby And The Forgotten Land: How To Infiltrate The Control Room In Burning, Churning Power Plant

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In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, it's time for Kirby to copy the abilities of another video game legend: Solid Snake.

Sure, the Kojima-created superspy isn't in this particular game. But, if Kirby wants to achieve the "Infiltrate the Control Room" secret objective, he'll need to channel Konami's sneakiest mascot.

RELATED: Kirby And The Forgotten Land: Where To Find The Five Lost Ducklings In Wondaria Dream Parade Located in the Burning, Churning Power Plant level in the Redgar Forbidden Lands region, the control room has some goodies waiting for Kirby, including two piles of coins and a figurine capsule.

This factory is full of pounding metal and angry enemies, so Kirby will have to keep his wits about him if he wants to make it out alive, let alone make it to the easy-to-miss control room.

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