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Why Kirby and the Forgotten Land Fans Should Try The Crystal Shards on Nintendo Switch Online

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The Switch has turned out to be a great console for fans of Kirby. First fans got Kirby Star Allies early on in the console's life, and then in 2022, the acclaimed Kirby and the Forgotten Land made its debut, taking Kirby on a 3D adventure that fans had only dreamed of before now.

What's more, the Switch is a great console for retro Kirby fun, since Nintendo Switch Online offers fans a variety of NES and SNES Kirby games.

Kirby fans' luck hasn't run out yet either. Anyone looking for another game to play after Kirby and the Forgotten Land can set their sights on Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

Nintendo and HAL Laboratory took their time announcing content for Kirby's 25th anniversary, but now one clear piece of content has emerged.

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