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Kirby And The Forgotten Land: How To Greet 3 Sea Birds In Concrete Isles

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Kirby And The Forgotten Land's early level "Concrete Isles" takes Kirby on a lively journey through a blue ocean, where you'll find all kinds of interesting creatures.

Among the variety of enemies and obstacles you'll encounter, you'll also find a set of passive 'sea birds' throughout the level, floating along in the sea. Related: Kirby And The Forgotten Land - Every Everbay Coast Hidden Waddle Dee Finding and greeting all three of these sea birds is one of the level's optional objectives, which will reward you with an additional Waddle Dee to add to your count after completion, as well as the satisfaction of having met some nice little birds.

Follow our visual guide below to find them all. The first of the three sea birds in the level can be found immediately after the level begins.

This sea bird is floating at the corner of the first moss-covered platform that you can find. To 'greet' the sea bird, you merely need to approach it quickly.

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