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Italian Senate Accidentally Plays 30 Seconds Of NSFW Tifa Lockhart Video

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Throughout the pandemic, Zoom meetings have become the preferred means of communication. Primarily because it means nobody gets exposed to a potentially deadly disease, but also because it means that the vital functions of the state can still be carried out from the comfort of your own home.

Hence, Zoom meetings are how many state governments do business these days. However, it’s also given rise to a new form of cybervandalism.

Zoombombing, as it’s being called, is when a hacker manages to invade a Zoom meeting and then take over the presenter’s screen, often playing lewd or offensive materials as soon as they’ve gained control.

This is exactly what happened during a recent meeting between Italian senators. Related: Final Fantasy 7: 7 Best Tifa Lockhart Quotes As noted by AnimeClickIT, the conference was hosted Monday by Nobel Prize winner Giorgio Parisi and featured several Italian senators.

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