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It looks like Sega is teasing a new Cosmic Smash game

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Sega appears to be teasing a new instalment of its classic Japanese arcade and Dreamcast game Cosmic Smash.On Monday the company launched a mysterious teaser site,, along with social media accounts with the profile name “C-Smash VRS”.

It wrote: “Eye c sth forming”.Given the name of the URL, it’s possible the project being teased is for VR. Wolf & Wood, the British studio behind VR title The Last Worker, also retweeted the teaser site on Monday, along with several of its developers.Notice: To display this embed please allow the use of Functional Cookies in Cookie Preferences.Ken Ishii, the Japanese DJ best known by video game fans for his music featured in another 2001 Sega game, Rez, also shared the teaser.Cosmic Smash was released in arcades and Dreamcast in 2001, described as “a futuristic combination of Squash and Breakout”.The game places players in a series of rooms filled with blocks, and arms them with a racquet.

The aim, is to use the racquet to smack balls off the blocks to make them all disappear.Players can pull off special smashes to help them clear the blocks quicker, but that comes with the trade-off of making the ball move faster.Notice: To display this embed please allow the use of Functional Cookies in Cookie Preferences.The game features futuristic visuals and a psychedelic soundtrack, similar to those used in Sega’s teaser site.

The site also features a pong mini-game which browsers can play.Cosmic Smash’s unique visual style wasn’t limited to the software itself.

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