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IShowSpeed rejoices as Cristiano Ronaldo sends him a box carrying CR7 brand products

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YouTube streamer Darren "IShowSpeed's" fanaticism towards Portuguese icon Cristiano Ronaldo is no secret to the viewers. In a live stream on January 17, the streamer revealed a special package he received from Ronaldo's team.During the live stream, Darren unpacked the carton that contained several items from the CR7 brand, including undergarments, vests, packs of socks, jackets, and track pants.

He also received a premium box of toiletries such as cologne, face wash, and aftershave cream.For those unaware, IShowSpeed recently went to Saudi Arabia to watch Cristiano Ronaldo's Al-Nassr F.C.

take on Messi's PSG. Despite losing, Ronaldo bagged a brace and the Man of the Match award.IShowSpeed's quest to meet Ronaldo may not have been fulfilled yet.

The YouTuber, however, did get a pleasant surprise after receiving a parcel from Ronaldo's team. As mentioned earlier, the box contained products ranging from sportswear to cosmetics.Before uncovering the carton, the streamer said:(Timestamp: 00:13:33)After a moment, he clarified:Unboxing the package, he discovered various items, among which included an undergarment that the streamer instantly tried on:Reflecting on the product, he comically asserted:He also extended gratitude towards the gesture:Barely any stream goes by without IShowSpeed expressing his adulation for the great man.

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