Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition Review

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Intel is aiming to get into the dedicated graphics hardware side of the PC hardware business, taking on industry leaders Nvidia and AMD in the process.

As their first real foray into dedicated GPUs, Intel is aiming for the entry-level side of the market, targeting gamers who are looking for an affordable, performant GPU at 1080p, and some 1440p applications.

At $250, the Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition aims to disrupt the entry-level GPU market in a way that gives gamers yet another choice when deciding what to buy for their next upgrade. Specifications: The Intel Arc A750 is a sleek GPU.

From its slim 2-slot profile with a full die-cast aluminum frame, to the simple, yet stylish, axial blade fans on the bottom of the card, the Arc doesn’t look like any of its competitors.

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