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Intel admits tuning DX11 support is going to be a 'labor of love for like forever'

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The latest video for Intel's Arc graphics cards(opens in new tab) has just dropped and it's a bit of a doozy. In it, Intel's Ryan Shrout and Tom Peterson tackle one of the biggest talking points about Intel's new GPUs: DX11 and DX9 support.

As Tom Peterson highlights, «We expect DX12 titles and Vulkan titles to be very good performance relative to the competition.

We've also said that on some DX11 titles we're going to do great, but on other DX11 titles, we're not going to do great. And it's going to be a progressive improvement over time.» Tom then explains why this is the case, and essentially, it's down to the fundamental difference between low-level APIs like DX12 and Vulkan, which talk directly to the underlying hardware, and older legacy APIs, which have a much more high-level approach.

Those older APIs, the likes of DX11 and DX9, expect the graphics card drivers to do much of the heavy lifting to optimize the code paths to get the most out of the underlying silicon.

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