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Inkbound keeps the spirit of Monster Train rolling with its hybrid gameplay

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In 2020, developer Shiny Shoe came out of left-field with a surprise hit called Monster Train. The Slay The Spire-inspired card game was unique in that it fused the idea of a deck-builder into that of a tower defense game.

The hybrid genre premise turned out to be a stroke of genius, taking it out of Slay the Spire’s shadow and helping the studio make a name for itself.

Its follow-up game, Inkbound, is a little different. It’s a top-down, multiplayer roguelite set in a fantastical world. Though it doesn’t have cards, there’s one signature feature that makes it clear this is a Shiny Shoe production: It is another genre mosh pit.

In addition to being a roguelite, it’s a tactics game that draws inspiration from MMO and MOBA combat. You might even confuse it for a Diablo-like dungeon crawler at first glance.

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