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Industria Is The Modern Half-Life I've Been Craving

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Take one look at Industria and you’d be hard-pressed not to think of Half-Life. It has all the signatures—an Eastern European city besieged by futuristic tech, liminal mind trips into new dimensions, ambient sounds that linger to soak you into the world, and rogue scientists puzzling together this new dystopia.

And you’re at the heart of it with your trusty axe and handgun, smashing boxes and scurrying about the streets avoiding robots.

But its identity goes deeper than superficial aesthetics. It’s a bleak insight into a future under totalitarian control with the ideas of rebellion unthinkable and victory insurmountable.

That’s where it embraces but also breaks from its Half-Life influences. You’re not a scientist with a crowbar and a god complex, boosted by your superheroic antics—a leader who faces those insurmountable odds and triumphs.

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