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In Defence Of Dead Games

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We hear the phrase 'dead game' a lot in gaming. Probably not quite as much as the dude who runs Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout's Twitter account, but still.

We hear it a lot. It's seen by many as the perfect finishing blow, an absolute destroyer of worlds that not only ends the conversation, but results in complete and utter annihilation of your opponent.

It's video gaming's answer to 'your mom'. It sounds cool and effective, but it doesn't really mean anything at all. It's usually a phrase thrown at games which enjoy a brief period of white hot popularity, and then fade into relative obscurity.

But this obscurity is not caused by the total abandonment of the game, but instead by its time in the sun being over. The aforementioned Fall Guys was the biggest hit around in the summer of 2020, and you get the impression that the devs don't really know where they went wrong.

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