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Impressive Pokemon Animation Shows Magnemite Evolving Into Magneton

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Gamers have been making their own animated content based off of the Pokemon series for some time. Oftentimes the videos show the world of the franchise at work, showcasing events such as pocket monsters evolving.

The Pokemon animations that artists create let them use their creativity to imagine how the series' universe would function.One of the original 151 Pokemon is Magnemite.

The creature was an Electric-type at first, but received the secondary Steel-type when it was added alongside the Dark-type in Pokemon Gold and Silver.

It evolves into Magneton, which then becomes Magnezone, a pocket monster that was introduced in Generation 4.RELATED: Adorable Fan Art Imagines Spheal As Different Ice Cream FlavorsAn artist going by the name TheRevivalProd created an animated clip showing their take on a Magnemite's evolution.

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