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I Have No Idea What Will Bring Me Back To Marvel's Avengers Anymore

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Despite Square Enix announcing the game way too soon and the backlash to its character designs ahead of launch, back in 2020 I was very excited about the prospect of an Avengers game.

In fairness, I'm one of those millions of people who would be hype for a colonoscopy if it was Marvel-branded. Then again, I did finally bite the bullet and went to see Morbius this past weekend and yeah, an invasive procedure sponsored by Disney probably would have been a better way to spend my evening.

Where was I? Right, Marvel's Avengers. A video game in which you assume the role of the world's mightiest heroes, and potentially alongside other Marvel fans across the globe.

What's not to love? Well, turns out a lot, apparently. The game's initial story is fine, but fine isn't enough for a game of this magnitude that had this much hype behind it.

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