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HYENAS: How to Sign Up For The Free Alpha

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HYENAS is a new multiplayer FPS that is being developed by Creative Assembly and its parent company, Sega, and fans can get in on the action early by signing up for the free alpha test.

HYENAS is the latest in a long line of alternative FPS games that have been adding their own take to the more traditional titles in the genre, which may appeal to fans who have been looking forward to trying something new.

Although Sega's HYENAS is not a battle royale, the game's primary mode will see five teams of three face off against one another in an effort to achieve victory through stealing, gunfights, and more.

Environmental factors such as the zero-gravity setting will play a huge role in how HYENAS combatants will be able to engage one another, and the free alpha testing will allow players to experience what these features are like.

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