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Human: Fall Flat has a new Tower level to fumble through with friends

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It’s a great feeling to be the good-news bearer when one of your favorite co-op games gets new content and you get to excitedly tell your partner all about it.

For those of us who like the puzzle-platformer antics of Human: Fall Flat, there’s a new level, Tower, out now on Steam. Including the original and post-launch stages, it’s the 21st level.

The name speaks for itself. With such a precarious layout, I’m afraid of my pudgy boy plummeting to his doom, but at least Human: Fall Flat is generous with checkpoints. “Dreamed up by creative mastermind Fennecai and brought to life by the fiendishly talented David,” Tower is the winner of the game’s 5th Anniversary level design competition.

And right on cue, Curve Games says there is “still more to come.” Unfortunately, the console versions aren’t in sync with the Steam edition, so PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players will have to wait to play the Tower level in Human: Fall Flat.

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