How to use text chat on PlayStation and Xbox in Back 4 Blood

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Communication is key in a teamwork-oriented game like Back 4 Blood. Whether you are working through the campaign or trying to outlast the enemy team in Swarm Mode, having communication will allow you to react and work together much better than without it.

However, not everyone has a headset and mic to talk with each other. Luckily, you can use text chat to let others know something even outside of PC.

Here is how to use text chat in Back 4 Blood on PlayStation or Xbox. Related: All secret golden skull trophy locations in Back 4 Blood How to use text chat on PlayStation and Xbox in Back 4 Blood If you have noticed other people leaving messages in the text chat, you can reply and leave your own chat with a quick double-tap of a button.

On PlayStation, press Options twice. For Xbox, tap Menu (the three lines button). When you do it, the keyboard will show up on the screen and allow you to input what you want to say.

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