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How to smash flower stalls in Forza Horizon 5

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Forza Horizon 5 manages to find a tremendous amount of activities for players to complete. These activities revolve around driving cars very fast, from racing to sightseeing.

One of the game's favorite tasks to offer to its players is ramming vehicles through a variety of stationary objects for fun and profit.Flower stalls are carts meant to sell beautiful bouquets, but since they sit unmanned, they have been turned into targets for destructive drivers.

However, smashing these carts isn't its own reward. There are plenty of challenges and benefits associated with destroying these vendors.Smashing flower stalls isn't the difficult part of this challenge, after all, they weren't built to withstand sports cars.

The hard part is typically finding them. However, there are a few key places that players can check out.Flower stalls are typically located in large and heavily populated areas on the map, like Guanajuato or Mulege.

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