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How to make a bookmark save in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

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Bookmark saves can be extremely helpful in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. There will always be reasons why players can't finish a map, whether it’s an important call or the arrival of a pizza delivery.Fortunately, players can save in the middle of a Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes play session, courtesy of bookmarks.

However, this feature works differently, depending on whether the player is playing on classic or casual mode.Setting up a bookmark save in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Houses is simple.

Here is what players will need to do to set one up:If a player is on casual mode, they can continue playing after making the bookmark, and the save will remain intact.Things work a little differently for players on classic mode.

Creating a bookmark here will take a player back to the title screen, and loading it back up will delete the save.Deciding whether to play on casual or classic mode can be a tough decision for some players.

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