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How to get Caldarr Fusion Material in Lost Ark

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Lost Ark has a complicated honing system to strengthen your characters, which involves honing your gear to higher levels. The way your characters get stronger in this game is by leveling up your gear, which comes in six pieces: a Hat, Pauldrons, Chestpiece, Pants, Gloves, and Launcher.

These six pieces of gear must be leveled up individually, and each requires a ton of different materials to ascend them. One of these materials is the Caldarr Fusion Material, which comes into play once your gear reaches higher levels.

Other materials you’ll need are Guardian Stones for your clothes and Destruction Stones for your weapons. All of your gear also needs Leapstones, Silver or Gold, and Life or Honor Shards.

This is a lot of materials to have, so you might not know how to get these elusive Fusion Materials, as they don’t drop from regular content such as Chaos Dungeons or Guardian Raids. Related: Where to farm Guardian and Destruction Stones Fragments in Lost Ark How to get Caldarr Fusion Material in Lost Ark There are a couple of ways to get the Caldarr Fusion Material in Lost Ark.

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