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How Dungeons and Dragons 6E Could Improve 5E's Barbarian Class

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With Dungeons & Dragons looking to step forward into its sixth edition in the next few years, there are a few key features to the existing game that could do with an update.

One place to start, especially for the combat intensive players, would be to take a look at the Barbarian class and its features to improve the experience in the next major update.As the class stands in 5E, Barbarians boast large health pools and can use their rage to dish out massive amounts of damage through multiple attacks on their turns.

This can make Barbarians a top asset in a Dungeons & Dragons party, as they are able to take on roles as both a tank and the frontline DPS.Should Dungeon Masters Play RAI or RAW in Dungeons and Dragons?The key to the balance on a Barbarian comes from their use of the rage feature, which can both make attacks more damaging as well as protect the character from certain types of damage.

It lets the Barbarian rush into the middle of a fight against Dungeons & Dragons' strongest creatures and survive a volley of strikes while also killing everything in front of them.

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