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5 best Legendary cards for May Season Royale Tournament in Clash Royale

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The Royale Tournament is the latest tournament in Clash Royale in which players compete against other players to top the leaderboard and earn rewards.

Players must create a tournament deck and participate in the tournament to win battles.Cards ranging from Common to Champion can be used to create the tournament deck, and players can even use cards that they have not even unlocked.This article will explore the five best Legendary cards that should be used in the May Season Royale Tournament to win battles.Cost: 3 ElixirDamage: 256Hitpoints: 1200The Bandit is one of the greatest Legendary cards in Clash Royale, with tremendous damage and hitpoints.

Like a Prince and Dark Prince charge, she can run at surrounding targets and do double damage if she hits them.Knowing this, she can efficiently defeat the ranged troops in the area.

She should combine cards like Mega Knight, Pekka, Royal Giant, Electro Giant, and others to do the most damage to opponent towers and troops.Cost: 4 ElixirDamage: 290Hitpoints: 944Once players reach Arena 11, they can unlock Electro Wizard, a powerful card.

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