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Have you tried… solving VR puzzles in space with Red Matter 2

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There's a really satisfying edge to solving Red Matter 2 puzzles that can really feel like your galaxy brain's kicked in when the penny drops.

That's partly because of how this very slightly Bioshock tinged space adventure uses its VR gameplay to lead you along. Often you'll see schematics or clipboards that you can pick up and look at to work out how to get some piece of weird space machinery working.

If it was a normal game you'd be reading notes or dipping into menus to scan bits of text in a completely boring way - but in Red Matter 2 you're often standing next to whatever it is you're trying to solve with the instructions in hand, looking hopefully at anything you can grab up that might help.

It's a little bewildering at first because the game gives you nothing initially to help, including even guiding you through how any of it works.

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