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Today's Wordle 464 answer and hint: Monday, September 26

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You're now just a short scroll or click away from the answer to today's Wordle. If you'd like a little nudge in the right direction first I can also offer you a range of tips to get you going, as well as a tailor-made clue for the September 26 (464) challenge.

Today was a real all-or-nothing Wordle for me—I either found a nice neat green in exactly the right spot, or I uncovered a grey letter to avoid forever.

Luckily these odd results were enough to see me through, each guess just another step closer to the answer. Energetic and active are the keys to today's Wordle.

This answer's a word often used to describe something moving at a good pace—a walk can be this, as can a business' performance.

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