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HasanAbi reacts as Jubilee video breaks fourth wall to call him to a debate with Ben Shapiro

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"HasanAbi" Piker got a huge shock on today's stream as he tried watching the latest Middle Ground episode from Jubilee. The streamer was invited by the director for a one-on-one debate-style episode in the future against a conservative spokesperson such as Ben Shapiro.As a popular political commentator famous for his progressive viewpoints, Piker has reacted to Jubilee content for quite some time now as they also deal with socio-political themes in the game-show format.

The YouTube channel is a go-to spot for many streamers, such as xQc and PewDiePie who have reacted to Jubilee on their own livestreams and/or videos.Early on during today's stream, HasanAbi got flabbergasted as he started to watch the latest episode of Jubilee's Middle Ground.

As the streamer started the video, a snippet of him reacting to a previous clip from the YouTube channel started to play, confusing him.After hearing the director, the Turkish-American streamer was so flummoxed that he had to stop watching and call out the fourth wall breaking:He kept describing it as weird:HasanAbi explained to his audience that at first, he thought there was a glitch when his own clip was played in the video.

He also commended those who had joined his stream early because latecomers wouldn't be able to experience the situation live:Timestamp 13:37The video in question is titled Should Parents Ban Topics From Schools?

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