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Gundam Evolution tier list - Which mobile suits are the most dominant?

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Gundam Evolution is the latest free-to-play team shooter from Bandai Namco and features many powerful mobile suits. However, in situations like this, not all mobile suits are equal.Not that these mobile suits aren't fun to play with because they are.

But when considering competitive matches and potential esports, it’s important to know which mobile suits perform the best in all situations and which require far more skill to keep up with the rest of the pack.Gundam Evolution’s cast will be grouped into the following tiers, with S-Tier being the pinnacle of peak performance and D-Tier not really being worth bringing into battle in competitive matches without an enormous amount of skill:Note: This list is the opinion of one writer, and other players’ experiences may vary.

It only considers how the writer feels about them in-game, not how they feel about the mobile suits in the anime/manga franchise.S-Tier mobile suits are the absolute pinnacle of mobile suit performance.

These are the best mobile suits to pilot in virtually any situation. Surprising nobody, Gundam Barbatos and Sazabi continue to be incredibly, overwhelmingly dominant.Many fans were hoping for a Barbatos nerf before launch, but this does not seem to be the case.

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