Gundam Evolution: How to Get Capital

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Capital is one of the currencies in Gundam Evolution that players can use to unlock brand-new Units. Specifically, each Unit in the game can be unlocked with 1,980 Capital, and this amount of the currency can be earned without spending any real-world money.

However, some players may be unclear about how they can obtain Capital in Gundam Evolution, and this guide is here to shine some light on the matter.Players that are interested in earning Capital should first focus their efforts on addressing all the Beginner Challenges, which can be viewed by clicking on the Challenge banner on the Home screen.

Indeed, these challenges award Capital upon their completion, and fans should have enough of the currency to unlock one Unit when they have worked through all of them.

Gundam Evolution players cannot resolve all the Beginner Challenges at once, though, as they must be completed over the course of several days.Gundam Evolution Interview: Bandai Namco Discusses Balancing Fun With FaithfulnessFans can also claim some Capital from the free track of Gundam Evolution's Season Pass, which can be viewed by clicking on the Season Pass banner on the Home screen.

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