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Genshin Impact leak reveals four-star characters coming in 3.1 banners

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This new Genshin Impact leak lists the three four-star characters who will be joining Cyno and Venti in the first half of the anime RPG‘s version 3.1 banners.

HoYoverse has already announced that Candace is joining the roster as a new four-star character, and now it seems that she’ll be joined by Kuki Shinobu and Sayu on the upcoming character banners.

For those unaware, Candace is a Hydro polearm user, Shinobu is an Electro sword wielder, and Sayu uses Anemo and claymores. We don’t know much about Candace just yet, but Shinobu is an off-field healer who scales with Elemental Mastery, so she may work well with Cyno‘s need to be on-field.

Sayu is also an off-field healer, and her ability to shred resistances with Anemo will likely also complement Cyno’s play style.

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