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Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: What Home Feels Like Walkthrough

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-simulation game that lets you make friends with some of the most famous Disney characters.

As you become embroiled in the story of this magical new world created by Disney, you’ll have to recruit more characters to come and live in Dreamlight Valley and complete various quests for them.One such character that you will unlock in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Elsa, from the renowned Disney animated film, Frozen.

Elsa and her sister Anna have to be brought to the valley from their separate realm, and you’ll need to do some quests for both to progress their friendship levels.One such friendship quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is What Home Feels Like,an important quest from Elsa.

This guide will walk you through the various steps of this quest and reveal what you need to complete it.After unlocking the Frozen realm in the Dreamlight Castle, you will be able to bring both Anna and Elsa to live in the Valley, but there are a few steps required to get them both here.

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