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Disney Dreamlight Valley guide: How to complete every Friendship quest for Remy

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Remy from Ratatouille plays a vital role in running the restaurant in Disney Dreamlight Valley.Chez Remy is closed and abandoned at the start of the game, but after completing the first couple of Friendship quests for Remy, players can open the restaurant and serve other Villagers.In addition to opening Chez Remy, players can earn some fun rewards from Remy if they increase his Friendship level to its maximum and complete all of the quests he has to offer.Players can choose Remy's realm as the first free realm they enter in Disney Dreamlight Valley or come back at a later time and open it by spending Dreamlight.

Whichever path is chosen, this first quest is how Remy becomes a resident:Place Remy's house down anywhere in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Village and pay the 2,000 Star Coins needed to construct it for him to officially move in and complete the quest.Find Remy outside the restaurant in Disney Dreamlight Valley after he has settled into the Village.

Talk to him to start this quest:After raising Remy's Friendship level in Disney Dreamlight Valley, more conversation options will become available and additional Friendship quests will open up:The three orders will be completely random, as any Disney Dreamlight Valley resident may end up sitting in Chez Remy at any time.

Just walk in and see if they want to place a food order, then cook it up and serve it to them.The final Friendship quest for Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley will become available once his Friendship level is 10:Finishing this quest will see the end of Remy's Disney Dreamlight Valley questline and reward players with the "Best Chef" Shelf furniture item that can be placed in the home or around the Village.Q.

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