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Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How to break the large Blue Rocks - A Tale of Stone and Fire Walkthrough

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is a fun new life-simulation game that lets you visit a magical new world created by Disney. The Dreamlight Valley, as the area is known, is composed of a central plaza and seven other different regions, which are initially locked off, but can be accessed as you progress further into the game.These locations are inspired by many different Disney properties, such as animated movies as well as TV shows.

One such location in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Dazzle Beach, which you will most likely unlock right after the Peaceful Meadow.

However, you may notice that the beach has been divided into two areas, as the bridge connecting them has been blocked by large blue rocks.Initially, these rocks are immune to your pickaxe, even after it has been upgraded once.

This guide will take you through attaining the second upgrade for the pickaxe, which involves a quest known as A Tale of Stone and Fire.If you have unlocked Moana and Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll remember that the latter upgraded your Royal Tool Pickaxe so that it was able to break small storm debris.

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