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Fan deciphers Disney Dreamlight Valley lost diaries language

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The Disney Dreamlight Valley lost diaries feature a mysterious language on their pages, but one eagle-eyed fan noticed that the letters bore close resemblance to a script they had learned in their teenage years and managed to translate the messages contained within.

The Old Ruler’s Lost Diaries are one of the many collectibles in the Disney game that help uncover the history of its world.

As spotted by GamesRadar, one player recognised the language on the pages from their youth, when – according to their Reddit post – they learned how to write the Atlantean language created for the 2001 film Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

After a little digging, they realised that the characters matched up and were able to translate the full message. A couple of letters appear to be missing, but the message in question reads: ‘This diary belongs to [the] ruler of [D]reamlight [V]alley. [P]rivate.” There is also a bottom line that is half cut-off which seems to say “Do not read.” The user notes that the image is the same for all the messages, so it isn’t tied to the content of the individual collectibles, which have their own distinct text for each entry you uncover.

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