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Final Fantasy 16 Producer Compares Eikon Battle to Pro Wrestling Match

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Earlier this month, Square Enix gave fans their second glimpse at Final Fantasy 16 at a State of Play. This was recently followed by a series of interviews held by Yoshi-P, where new details were revealed.

For example, it’s confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 will feature a party system—however, it’s not like past games. Fans will have one or two companions that join them at various points throughout the story.It was also confirmed Final Fantasy 16 won’t be open world, instead featuring a series of large zones for players to explore.

Yoshi-P also talked some about the Eikon battles in the game, revealing how varied they are and even comparing one to a wrestling match.Final Fantasy 16 Reveals Bio for Benedikta HarmanTalking about how the Eikon Battles UI looks a little like a fighting game with Game Informer, Yoshi-P revealed that the UI went through a few changes throughout development.

It was relatively too little at first and then it was expanded, with some of the UI only left in theFinal Fantasy 16Dominance trailer to show that it was real-time footage.

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