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Final Fantasy 14: How To Beat Phase Four Of The Dragonsong's Reprise Ultimate Raid

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Phase four of Final Fantasy 14's Dragonsong Reprise Ultimate Raid is also known as the «Eye Phase.» Players will need to quickly recover from phase three, which was against Nidhogg possessing Estinien.

This phase is pretty quick, and some even call it more of an «intermission» than a phase. However, it can easily wipe an unprepared party.The FFXIV raid group will want to organize a lot for this phase, as it requires soaking orbs that deal damage, switching tethers, and mitigation against some raid-wide attacks.

There will be two targetable eyes to attack, and the raid will split into two groups for most of this phase. After this phase comes just two more, so players are beyond the halfway point at this time.Please follow these links to read how to complete the previous phases in the Dragonsong's Reprise Ultimate Raid:Firstly, Estinein will spawn in the middle of the arena and Nidhogg's two eyes will appear on his left and right: one blue and one red.

Each tank, along with a light party, needs to split up and fight each eye. Before that though, they should make sure the entire raid is stacked together in order to share a buff before splitting up. This buff is required in order to deal damage to the eyes.At this time there is aNidhogg's influence gauge.

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